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Crowdfunding campaign launched to protect Woodville water supply

2 February 2016

Media Release

The QEII National Trust and Horizon Farming Ltd have today launched a crowd-funding campaign with Million Metres to restore 1900m alongside the Mangapapa Stream near Woodville.

The campaign is the National Trust’s 5th crowd-funding campaign and aims to raise $27,550 to plant 4500 native plants alongside the Manawatu tributary that runs through a QEII National Trust covenant at Ratahiwi Farm.

Horizons Regional Council are supportive of the project. They contributed funds towards fencing off the covenant when it was established in 2006, and are involved with water monitoring at the site.

Fresh water ecologist for the council, Logan Brown, says the streamside plantings will improve water health and enhance the habitat of native fish and invertebrates.

‘And the Mangapapa Stream feeds the Woodville community’s water supply, so protection of this source is very important for that reason too,’ he says.

Stuart Ellingham, managing director for Horizon Farming Ltd, says the company is committed to improving productivity and incorporating sustainable practices on farm.

‘We know it is possible because we already have these practices in place on our farms.

‘We have promised to match any funds raised by the crowdfunding campaign dollar-for-dollar and will spend that money on native restoration and enhancement plantings on our properties.

‘Water health is a really important management priority on our farms. We want to create a positive environmental legacy for our grandkids and our grandkids’ grandkids and with the help of generous donors we will be one step closer to doing that,’ Mr Ellingham says.

Spokesperson for the National Trust, Genevieve Bennett, says the Trust is excited about the Mangapapa campaign.

‘It is so rewarding partnering with such committed landowners and to be working towards the Million Metres vision with them.

‘So far, the National Trust has partnered on four Million Metres Streams projects and raised approximately $80,000 towards waterways restoration work on covenanted properties.

‘We would love Kiwis to get behind the Mangapapa project and help protect this most precious resource,’ she says.

It’s costing $14.50 per metre to plant this length of stream bank. To support restoration for this stream, and ultimately the Manawatu river, go to the website and click on the link to the Mangapapa Stream Ratahiwi Farm project and contribute to a few metres of planting.

The campaign will run over the summer and autumn months and planting will take place over the winter.

The Million Metres Streams Project was set up by the Sustainable Business Network and aims to help communities and individuals access the funds they need to protect and enhance the health of a million metres of rivers and streams in New Zealand. The Mangapapa project will contribute 1900m metres to that goal.

‘We know Kiwi’s want swimmable rivers and we also know Kiwis are some of the most generous people on Earth. That’s why we’ve set up Million Metres – so that anyone, anywhere can take action to save our rivers,’ Georgina Hart, project lead for Million Metres says.


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