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QEII Directors - Appointment and Election

Appointment and Election of Directors

QEII National Trust is a statutory organisation independent from Government whose core activity is to secure long term protection of natural and cultural features on private land.

The Trust is managed by a Board of Directors. Four directors, including the Chairperson, are appointed by the Minister of Conservation, and two are elected by QEII Trust members.

The role of the Board is to add value to QEII through best practice governance based upon a clear view of the Trust’s purpose and strategy, effective management accountability and risk management. Previous governance experience is beneficial.

Raglan Board Meeting March 2009 Photo: Greg Martin

Above: QEII Trust Board Meeting, Raglan, March 2009. From left: James Hunter, Director; Bernard Card, Director; Margaret McKee, Chief Executive; Sir Brian Lochore, Chairperson; Edward Ellison, Director; Yvonne Sharp, Director; and Jo Ritchie, Director.

Public Notice from the Minister of Conservation

Appointments to the Queen Elizabeth the Second National Trust – a public invitation to interested agencies and organisations from Hon Tim Groser, Minister of Conservation.

The terms of appointment of Sir Brian Lochore, chairperson, and Yvonne Sharp, director, of the Queen Elizabeth the Second National Trust Board expire on 31 August 2009.

They are eligible for reappointment and it is my intention to reappoint Sir Brian for a further two years and Yvonne for a further three years.

If any interested agency or organisation wishes to nominate other persons they consider suitable for appointment instead of Sir Brian or Yvonne could they please advise me in writing no later than 10 August 2009 and I will give those nominations due consideration before making my final decision.

In making appointments to the Board I have to have due regard to environmental and conservation values, the interests of rural landowners and the interests of the Māori community.

The other directors of the Board and their terms of appointments are:

Bernard Card (Ministerial appointee) term expires 27 June 2010
Edward Ellison (Ministerial appointee) term expires 27 June 2010
James Hunter (elected by Trust membership) term expires 31 March 2010
Jo Ritchie (elected by Trust membership) term expires 31 March 2010

Tim Groser, Minister of Conservation
Dated this 17th day of June 2009

Forthcoming election for QEII directors

Preliminary notice is given that QEII Trust members will have the opportunity to vote for two directors for a three year term, effective 1 April 2010.

November 2009
  Call for nominations

31 December 2009  Financial members intending to vote must ensure subscriptions are paid

5pm, 15 January 2010 Closing date for nominations

12 February 2010  Ballot papers and voting forms posted to members on the electoral roll

5pm, 8 March 2010  Voting closes

29 March 2010  Results announced

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