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Protecting our precious places

Million Metres Streams

In 2014, the National Trust and the Sustainable Business network signed a memorandum of understanding to work together on the Million Metres Streams Project (MMS).

Million Metres Streams project

The Million Metres Streams project uses crowdfunding to help committed kiwis raise the money they need to get large-scale tree planting happening along waterways.

The goal of the project is to collectively fund a million metres (or 1000 kilometres) of tree planting along stream banks around New Zealand. 

More information about MMS, crowdfunding and how you can support waterways protection can be found on the Million Metres Streams website.

QEII National Trust's MMS campaigns

The National Trust works with MMS on crowdfunding campaigns that support covenantors with planting projects along waterways on their property.

Around two campaigns a year are being supported this way.

So far (at June 2016) over $80,000 has been raised on the MMS crowdfunding website to support around 4,000 metres of streamside plantings on four covenanted properties.

MMS projects 

There are many more MMS projects with diverse partners happening around the country. Visit the Million Metres Streams website to find out more.

Picture gallery

Planting project at Te Anau

Getting video materials ready to launch an MMS campaign in the Manawatu catchment

Funds were raised to help the Poulton family plant alongside a river running through their property in the Tararua region

Planting project underway with the help of volunteers

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