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3500th covenant protects significant wetland

Chris and Karley AmonNot only do Chris and Karley Amon have a wetlands covenant of great significance for the Taranaki region, they can also claim fame for having established New Zealand’s 3,500th open space covenant.

Their 49 ha covenant borders Lake Waiau Wildlife Management Reserve, just south of Waverley. The reserve is a public conservation area which is listed as a significant wetland and key native ecosystem for the Taranaki region.

The Amons’ covenant makes a very important contribution to the ecological processes of the lake reserve and its swamplands by extending protection along its western boundary. Only 1 percent of the region’s total wetland areas are found outside Egmont National Park, so the covenant is a note-worthy addition to habitat protection in the surrounding countryside. The Taranaki Regional Council has recognised this fact by covering the bulk of the costs to fence off the covenanted area and plant along the margins between the new fence and the wetland. Three years in the ground now and the plantings are coming along nicely, softening the fenceline around the covenant and blending in well with the existing native vegetation.

FernbirdThe Amons’ wetland has an amazing array of native species including orchids, flax, raupo and carex grass, together with cabbage trees, mahoe, karamu and toetoe. The nationally endangered Australasian bittern, the spotless crake and the very difficult-to-spot fernbird, have all been sighted there.



Story published in Open Space issue 82, March 2012.

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