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Protecting our precious places

Cape Foulwind Station

Production and protection go hand in hand on Cape Foulwind

Sir Brian Lochore, QEII Chairperson, recognised West Coast landowners who protect natural features with QEII covenants on 13 May at Cape Foulwind Station.

The covenantors, along with representatives from the West Coast Regional Council and Buller and Grey District Councils and staff from Landcorp and the Department of Conservation, took the opportunity to meet the QEII Board and visit bush protected by Landcorp on the station.

Hon Jim Sutton and Sir Brian Lochore Photo: Loralee Hyde


Left: Hon Jim Sutton, Landcorp Chairman, and Sir Brian Lochore, QEII Trust Chairperson, opened the new QEII covenants on Cape Foulwind Station.






Landcorp Farming Limited has 11 registered and approved QEII covenants on the West Coast, protecting over 1,100 hectares of bush and wetlands.

The Totara and Tram Road Dairy Units have been developed on ‘flipped’ pakihi land on the Cape Foulwind Plain. Each farm runs over 1,000 cows.

On Totara Dairy Unit, eight blocks of semi-coastal primary forest and riparian margins are being protected with a 30ha covenant.

In March 2009, the QEII Board approved a covenant for two blocks totalling 75ha on Tram Road Dairy Unit.

Totara Dairy Unit calf shed Photo: Loralee Hyde

Above: West Coast QEII covenantors and others involved with the Trust gathered at the Totara Dairy Unit calf shed on Cape Foulwind Station to meet Sir Brian Lochore and other QEII directors and staff.

‘Landcorp is doing an impressive job of protecting natural areas on their farms,’ said Sir Brian.

‘Their work is a prime example of combining production and protection for the benefit of New Zealanders,’

‘I keep emphasising that covenantors give up a lot for the people of New Zealand.

‘Private landowners on the West Coast now protect over 2,200 hectares with 55 covenants.

'They are doing a great job and I cannot thank them enough for what they have achieved.’

Mike Copeland, Sir Brian Lochore, Hon Jim Sutton & Pat McManus Photo: Loralee Hyde

Above: Sir Brian Lochore, QEII Trust Chairperson, acknowledged the contribution private landowners on the West Coast make to the protection of bush and wetlands. With him are Mike Copeland, QEII West Coast Regional Representative, Hon Jim Sutton, Landcorp Chairman, and Pat McManus, Buller Mayor.

Buller Mayor, Pat McManus, welcomed the QEII directors and staff to the region and congratulated QEII and Landcorp for being involved with the protection of bush and wetlands on the West Coast.

Hon Jim Sutton, Landcorp Chairman, acknowledged the people of Landcorp, saying they can be proud of what they have achieved.

‘We see a responsibility to be a good citizen and to lead the way,’ he said.

‘Since July 2008, Landcorp has had an additional 21 covenants approved throughout the country.

'No other organisation surpasses the work QEII does with private landowners.’

Mike Copeland, QEII West Coast Regional Representative, said forest remnants, wetlands, pakihi shrubland, threatened species habitat and historic gold workings are just some of the features protected locally with covenants.

Mike explained that it’s worthwhile protecting lowland forest and wetland remnants on the West Coast as they have a diverse range of species and birdlife compared to the more homogeneous upland forest in the public conservation land.

‘Protecting the remnants that remain in our lowland environments with QEII covenants helps to both enhance production on our farms and retain our unique ecology,’ he said.

Covenantors at Tram Road Dairy Unit covenant Photo: Loralee Hyde

Above: On the left, Jane Marshall, Department of Conservation West Coast Conservancy Botanist, and Mike Copeland, QEII West Coast Regional Representative, explained the biodiversity of the approved Tram Road Dairy Unit QEII covenant.

Covenantors at Tram Road Dairy Unit covenant Photo: Michael Orchard

Above: QEII covenantors and other guests enjoyed a walk on the dairy farm to see the rimu, miro, beech, southern rata and yellow silver pine protected by the covenant.

Climbing rata Photo: Michael Orchard


Left: Climbing rata Metrosideros fulgens in the protected bush.











Group at the QEII covenant on Tram Road Dairy Unit Photo: Loralee Hyde

Above: From left, Hon Jim Sutton, Landcorp Chairman; Sir Brian Lochore, QEII Trust Chairperson; Mary Trayes, West Coast Regional Council; Chris Kelly, Landcorp Chief Executive; Margaret McKee, QEII Chief Executive; and Gerry Soanes, Landcorp National Manager Property.

Published 20 May 2009

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