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Protecting our precious places

Seabirds: Protecting their habitat with QEII covenants

A number of covenants featured in Open SpaceTM magazine protect the habitat and breeding sites of petrels and shearwaters.

Rapanui Taranaki, Issue 76, July 2009: Grey-faced petrels Pterodroma macroptera.

Mark and Sonia Armstrong Banks Peninsula, Issue 74, November 2008: Sooty shearwaters Puffinus griseus visit this covenant from a nearby breeding site.

Puhi Peaks Nature Reserve Kaikoura, Issue 68, November 2006: Hutton’s shearwater Puffinus huttonii.

Denise Howard West Coast, Issues 44, April 1999 and 57, April 2003: Westland black petrel Procellaria westlandica.

Download these articles about QEII covenants and seabirds (PDF 1.8MB)

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