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Protecting our precious places

Taranaki family celebrates the protection of Corkills Bush

A family barbecue on 4 January 2009 at Graeme Corkill’s farm between Tarata and Purangi east of Inglewood, celebrated the protection of Corkills Bush with a QEII covenant.

Corkill family celebration Photo: The Corkills

Above: Five of Graeme Corkill’s six children, his grandchildren and his mother (an area in the covenant is called Jean's Bush for her) gathered at Corkills Bush to celebrate its protection with a QEII covenant.

Graeme protected the large block of lowland forest with the 94ha covenant in 2007.

‘The process with QEII has been brilliant,’ says Graeme. ‘Fencing the bush was a big job and I couldn’t have done it by myself.

'The fence helps with managing the farm as well as protecting the bush.’

Graeme Corkill runs 130 cows on his 643ha dairy, sheep and cattle farm.

Fence protecting Corkills Bush Photo: Neil Phillips

Above: The 7-wire post and batten fence protecting the covenant from stock intrusion was constructed with contributions from QEII and the landowner.

‘It’s an excellent job done on relatively steep country,’ says Neil Phillips, QEII Taranaki Regional Representative.

Neil says Graeme is a strong advocate for conservation and the benefits of protecting bush with QEII covenants.

‘Retiring this forest from stock will result in regeneration and a better habitat for wildlife including kiwi in the north-east block,’ Neil explains.

Corkills Bush covenant Photo: The Corkills

Above: The protected primary kamahi-tawa-rewarewa forest and rimu-black beech forest forms a notable landscape feature beyond the river flats of the Taramoukau.

You may have a special area on your farm that you wish to safeguard forever. Contact your local QEII representative ...

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