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Protecting our precious places

Kaki habitat protected

The kaki (black stilt Himantopus novaezelandiae) is one of the rarest wading birds in the world.

With a network of tarns and lagoons, the Upper Waitaki is an ideal habitat for wading birds.

Three outstanding areas protected under QEII covenants include kaki breeding habitat.

‘We are so fortunate landowners are preserving these areas,’ says Brian Molloy, QEII High Country Rep.

‘As well as protecting visual values, covenanting helps reduce the risk of extinction for threatened species such as the kaki.’

Below: Jim and Anne Murray have protected 1,018ha of montane tarn wetland and dryland under a QEII covenant on Glenmore Station.

Glenmore Station
Below: A 1,185ha covenant protects lowland tarn wetland and grassland at Ohau Downs Station. Now owned by Five Rivers Limited, it was originally covenanted by John Blue.

Ohau Downs Station
Below: Montane sedgeland, herbfield and tarns  are protected by Andrew and Bill Sutherland’s 219ha Benmore Station Tarns covenant.

Benmore Station

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