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Wellington - Taupo Swamp

Taupo Swamp

Taupo Swamp is a 30 hectare swamp protected by QEII covenant.

Harakeke, the native flax once used extensively for fibre, is a feature. Although once widespread, few wetlands remain in the region.

The swamp is easily seen when travelling on State Highway 1.

Taupo Swamp is bordered by a walkway and cycleway connecting the seaside settlements of Plimmerton and Pukerua Bay. Parking is available.

Taupo SwampLocation: Adjacent to State Highway 1, 26km north of Wellington.

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Download Taupo Swamp history and biodiversity (PDF 2.4MB)

Download Taupo Swamp history and biodiversity (low-res version) (PDF 600KB)

Download Taupo Swamp biodiversity poster (JPG 1.5MB)

Taupo Swamp biodiversity poster

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