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Protecting our precious places

Brochures and factsheets

About the QEII National Trust (PDF 257 KB)

Find out about the Trust's work and how landowners can protect special areas on their land with open space covenants.

Buying covenanted land (PDF 268 KB)

Covers the main things you need to know about buying property with a QEII open space covenant on the title.

Ecosourcing and high UMF mānuka plantings (PDF 436 KB)

FAQs about open space covenants (PDF 364 KB)

Answers to frequently asked questions about QEII National Trust open space covenants.

Wetlands protection on private land (PDF 316 KB)

Read about wetlands values. Includes restoration examples.

Celebrating the Mahu Whenua covenants (PDF 3 MB)

New Zealand's largest ever private covenant agreement, protecting 53,000ha of natural and cultural heritage.

Caring for your covenant (PDF 130 KB)

Quick guide for landowners and land managers

Queen Elizabeth II National Trust - who we are and what we do booklet (PDF 1 MB)

A5 20 page booklet with an overview of the National Trust's role and function

Weedbusting tips

A compilation of weed articles published in Open Space magazine

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