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Native Forest Restoration: A Practical Guide for Landowners - Tim Porteous, 1993



Intended to both stimulate interest in restoration work and provide practical "how to" advice for individuals and organisations managing, restoring or recreating native bush in both urban and rural situations.


This publication is no longer in print. As it was published in 1993 some of the information provided in it may be out-of-date. Section 4.8 has been removed for review as it does not cover all problem weeds. In its place we recommend you refer to the Weedbusters website for comprehensive information on invasive weeds and their control.

Download full publication (PDF 11 MB) (This is a large document and will take some time to download).

Download Table of Contents and Foreword (966 KB)

Download sections 1.0 Introduction, 2.0 Managing forest remnants, 3.0 Animal control (3 MB)

Download sections 4.0 Weed control, 5.0 Revegetation principles (2 MB)

Download sections 6.0 Sources of plants, 7.0 Propagating native plants(2.6 MB)

Download sections 8.0 Site preparation and planting, 9.0 Post-planting treatment (1.5 MB)

Download Section 10.0 Revegetation on specific sites, Appendices (Native colonising and nurse plants, Bird distributed native plants, Fire resistant native plants, Glossary, index (3.4 MB)


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