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Open Space magazine is delivered free to QEII Trust members twice a year.

In Open SpaceTMmagazine, you'll find:

  • Inspirational stories of New Zealanders protecting their special areas with QEII open space covenants.
  • How to protect biodiversity including fencing and weed and pest control.
  • Helpful information about native flora and fauna.
  • Latest research on sustaining and restoring biodiversity.

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Open Space Magazine

Issue 92 May 2017 (PDF 2.7MB)

Queen's Commonwealth Canopy launches, the diversity of open space protection, managing fish passage, extreme events in covenants, celebrating our 40th anniversary, agapanthus, weed quiz, covenant bird data, and more...

Issue 91 October 2016 (3.2MB)

Covenantors and their communities, an interview with Glen Riley, programme coordinator at Sinclair Wetlands, citizen science moth study, Annual Report extracts, Ballance Farm Environment Award winners, the merits of Muehlenbeckia australis, wicked woolly nightshade, the accommodating puriri, and more...

Issue 90 March 2016 (2.46 MB)

Obituary for Gordon Stephenson, rare plant discovery, an interview with the Rances, foraging for edible plants, the role of fungi in forests, tips for planting in covenants, ecosourcing, planting manuka for honey production, weedbusting, and more...

Issue 89 October 2015 (2.3 MB)

Guest editorial - Gordon Stephenson, celebrating our 4000th registration and award winning covenantors, science and learning in covenants, busting weed myths, snail tales, Lifestyle - glamping, Annual Report excerpts, nominations notice and more...

Issue 88 May 2015 (2.1 MB)

Guest editorial - Sir Jerry Mateparae, freshwater feature, we remember - covenants with an ANZAC twist, Board of Directors pre-election notice..

Issue 87 November 2014 (3.9 MB)

Guest editorial - Wade Doak, New Zealand's largest covenant announcement ever, celebrating covenantors, The Stubbs family and Alice Lewis share their covenant stories, Annual Report excerpts, Wasp control, privet - let's get rid of it, koura facts and more...

Issue 86 March 2014 (PDF 2 MB)

Guest editorial - Kevin Milne, succulent and bulbous weeds, pest control and citizen science, profile stories featuring Barry Brickell and Richard and Anne-Marie Hutchinson, wasps, eels...

Issue 85 October 2013 (PDF 3.75 MB)

Guest editorial: Prof Bruce Clarkson, snapshot Taranaki, awarding-winning covenantors, covenantors for kiwi, climbing weeds, Annual Report excerpts, meet the Walls family

Issue 84 March 2013 (PDF 2.65 MB)

Snapshot Wairarapa, helping bees, groundcover weeds, fencing tips, kakapo research, an interview with the new Chief Executive, book offers for Trust members

Issue 83 October 2012 (PDF 2.92 MB)

Focus on Malborough, forest remnant restoration, 2012 Annual Report excerpts, pull-out 2013 calendar, weta research, elections notice

Issue 82 March 2012 (PDF 3.6 MB)

Issue 81 October 2011 (PDF 3.6 MB)

Issue 80 March 2011 (PDF2.2 MB)

Issue 79 July 2010 (PDF 3 MB)

Issue 78 March 2010 (PDF 2.5 MB)

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