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Protecting our precious places

Oral history - Clips from interview with Dr Brian Molloy

On the QEII National Trust Act and Sir Thaddeus McCarthy

On biodiversity - there continue to be new discoveries all the time.

Talking about scientists and a chance meeting with Robert Muldoon.

Brian on his first high country experience...old Mount Cook bus and hordes of rabbits! As a young Massey University student Brian travelled to Mount Nicholas Station (bordering  Lake Wakitipu) in 1950 to do summer work experience for his Diploma of Agriculture. This was the first time he had been to the South Island...

This clip is Brian Molloy's reflection on working with landowners, both as a scientist and as a QEII representative.

On covenantors and nature. 

Interviewed by Shona McCahon on 17 and 18 March 2015

The complete recordings are held at the National Library of New Zealand.

Download summary of recordings (PDF)

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